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August 9, 2016

Dear Huntington Hills Resident,

This letter is to inform you that the two amendments to the Huntington Hills Warranty Deeds, voted on at the special meeting on March, 17, 2016, have passed.  Huntington Hills now has one Amended and Consolidated Declaration of Protective Covenants that includes an occupancy restriction for tier II and III sex offenders, and the Bylaws, recorded in 2011, have been amended to include the indemnification of the Trustees. Both amendments, as well as the new Amended and Consolidated Declaration, were recorded at the Fairfield County Court House on 6/16/2016.


Some Background Information:

When Huntington Hills was created in the 1970’s it was divided into seven sections, each with its own Warranty Deeds.  In 2011, the HHCA Board began working with their attorneys to consolidate the seven sections and create a single Declaration of Protective Covenants for all residents. On March 17, 2016, a special community meeting was held for Huntington Hills residents to vote on the consolidation of the seven sections, an occupancy restriction for Tier II and III sex offenders and the indemnification of the Trustees Each vote was a vote for or against all three issues. Votes cast at the special meeting and proxy votes obtained prior to the meeting were counted. All three issues, in the form of two Amendments, passed within each of the seven Huntington Hills sections with a majority of over 75%.


The Amendments:

· Amendment A:

1. Consolidated all seven Warranty Deeds Protective Covenants into one document, an Amended and Consolidated Declaration of Protective Covenants.

2. Added a covenant prohibiting classified Tier II and Tier III sex offenders/child-victim offenders for whom the Sheriff must provide community notice from living in and/or entering our community.

· Amendment B

1.     Added the indemnification of the Trustees to the Code of Regulations, or Bylaws, recorded in 2011. This protects all current and future Board members from personal liability for any reasonable decision the Board makes in good faith on the Associations behalf.

Original copies of Amendments A and B and the new Amended and Consolidated Declaration of Protective Covenants, all recorded in 2016, can be found at the Fairfield County Court House along with the Amended Code of Regulations which was recorded in 2011. Copies of these documents will be posted on the Huntington Hills website, huntington-hills.org, along with an unofficial, easy-to-read, updated version of our Amended Code of Regulations, or Bylaws, created for clarity. If you have any questions regarding the amendments, please refer to the website or contact me at lmstoklos@gmail.com.



Lisa Stoklosa President, HHCA

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