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  • Huntington Hills is a well-established community located in Violet Township (Northwest Fairfield County) and is a part of the Pickerington Local School District. Fire protection is provided by Violet Township, which also maintains our subdivision streets. The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department provides Law enforcement. Fairfield County Utilities provides water and sewer services to Huntington Hills.


  • Local Contact Information

    Local Schools Include:
    Toll Gate Elementary School
    Toll Gate Middle School
    Lakeview Junior High School
    Pickerington North High School

    Local Waste Services: provides trash removal and recycling 

    South Southern Power: provides electricity 

    Columbia Gas: gas provider

    Violet Township Zoning

  • HHCA Trustees

  • President

    Scott Hughes
    11500 Forest Lane Avenue
    (614) 589-9153
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    Vice President

    Garrett Untch
    11318 Meadowcroft Street
    (614) 745-7887
    Email Garrett 

    Recording Secretary

    Sheila Rossiter
    11185 Forest Lane Avenue
    (614) 382-2557
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  • Treasurer

    Jen Dupler
    1161 Forest Lane Avenue
    (740) 504-9521
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    Corresponding Secretary

    John Storms
    11630 Aspen Hill Court
    (614) 354-9705
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