• Huntington Hills Civic Association FAQ

    • Who is a member of the HHCA?

      Every homeowner is automatically a member of the Huntington Hills Civic Association when they purchase their home in Huntington Hills. There is no option to not be a member of the HHCA.  All homeowners are responsible for yearly dues to maintain the community.

    • What homes are in Huntington Hills?

      Huntington Hills is bound by Refugee Road and Stemen Road. Many of the homes along Refugee Road on the Huntington Hills side are considered residents of Huntington Hills. There are no homes along Stemen Road in Huntington Hills. If you are unsure if your home is in the community. Please reach out to Jen Dupler.

    • What does Homeowners Association do?

      The HHCA does a variety of things among them host the community wide events such as Trick or Treat, the annual Easter Egg Hunt, and popular Santa Visits. The HHCA is also responsible for maintaining the public spaces in the neighborhood as well as enforcing the bylaws/deed restrictions of the neighborhood. All of the trustees are volunteers that live in the community.

    • Can we park in the street?

      Street parking is only permitted for 2 consecutive hours. Overnight street parking is not permitted. Huntington Hills does not have sidewalks and we are a walking neighborhood so this is predominately for safety.

    • Does the HHCA own the pool and the park?

      The Huntington Hills Recreation Club (pool) is privately-owned and not associated with the neighborhood. It has a separate board of trustees and members can be nonresidents of Huntington Hills. The park is predominately owned and maintained by the HHCA. There is a section of the park near the volleyball courts and the storage area that is owned by the Township. All of the park amenities are property of and maintained by the HHCA. 

    • What happens if I don't pay my HHCA dues?

      While we hope everyone contributes to the betterment of the community, we understand there may be some hardships. If you are behind in your dues payments, please reach out to the HHCA President Scott Hughes to make arrangements. Homeowners that do not make arrangements or set up payment plans are considered delinquent and are subject to fines, litigation,  attorney's fees, and court costs.