• We are happy to be bringing back our parade with refreshments this year along with our Community Trick or Treat event. *A note to our new residents: The Huntington Hills neighborhood does not follow the same Trick or Treat schedule as the city of Pickerington. We hold our own trick-or-treat the Sunday before Halloween. This year’s event will take place on Sunday, October 24.

    Tradition has been for a fire truck to lead the parade. The Violet Township fire station does this as a courtesy and is not always able to come. They love visiting this event and make every effort to attend, but an emergency call may come in that will take priority.

    Costume Parade: 3:30pm 

    The parade starts at Springtree Court off of Huntington Way. For safety reasons, please wait inside the court and not on Huntington Way. The parade ends at the park where a special treat will be provided. 

    Trick-or-Treat: 4pm-6pm

    Need Volunteer Hours for the Community Scholarship or just want to help out… please text Jen Dupler for more information at 740-504-9521.